Fencing And Retaining Walls In Properties

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It is important in residential and commercial construction activities to make sure that the area of a particular property is well marked so that there is no intrusion into surrounding properties and that the privacy of that particular property is maintained. This is often done using fencing and creating a physical the barrier between the high-quality boundaries of two different properties.

Different Fencing Solutions

Different kind of fencing solutions accept to cater to different kinds of requirements for the individuals that are living in a particular property. Glass fencing in adelaide also exists to provide a physical barrier between two different areas of land but, they do not provide the visual blocking that is associated with having a physical boundary between two different areas in a particular place. This is extremely desirable when it comes to you having a physical separation or barrier between two different areas while making sure that there is no visual obstruction between the same two areas. Glass fencing is often used to make internal boundaries between areas where privacy is not of concern.

Importance of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an important installation which are fundamental in holding back large amounts of sand or dirt at a slope which is not natural. Several different working mechanisms exist for different types of retaining walls which means that the adequate solution needs to be decided for a particular property and for a particular use case. Gravity retaining walls are large structures which rely on the sheer weight of the wall to hold back the material. While other cantilever retaining walls and l-shaped retaining walls use moments and struts to hold the material back. These retaining walls use the weight of the soil behind them as a favourable effect to generate the turning effect that is needed to hold back the material. Retaining wall installation in adelaide can also be anchored into the ground whereby they have a strong metal tie that essentially holds back the entire structure which allows for the retaining wall to hold back the material. These retaining walls need to be made of high-quality materials to prevent a catastrophic collapse which can result in financial as well as the loss of human life.

At Lee Benson Fencing, we are aware of the importance of having glass fencing and retaining walls in a particular property which is why we provide our clients with High quality services related to both of these elements. Whether you are looking for glass fencing which provides a physical separation without the need for privacy or, you are looking for more traditional fencing which provides added privacy, you need look no further than Lee Benson Fencing!