Solutions To Squeaking Floors And Fix Carpeted Squeaky Floors

fix carpeted squeaky floors

Carpet covered hard floors are well-maintained in looks from the exterior but there may some interior disruption in floorboard assembly belt. These are carpeted squeaking floors that cause noisy sounds and improper balanced base for walking, running and sitting. This may be due to excessive load bearing on floors, poorly installed floor base, age of floor and environmental effect on the boards attached parallel in the flooring platform. This condition require efficient fix carpeted squeaky floors which can be done by repair if damage is small or the floorboards can be completely replaced in worse state. The squeaky and creaky sounds can be ignored by applications of powder and baking soda at the fault point, as it will neutralize the rub of floorboards over each other. This can be done directly by DIY approach or professional hiring for more refined outcome.

Carpeted squeaking floors

Home decoration, infrastructure, maintenance are very necessary to be managed with flooring as important as any other interior part. One issue that can be encountered in floorings base is the carpeted squeaking floors that is referred as generation of sounds due to board mis-positioning in floors, staircase and hard base platform. This is observed with wood floors, plywood, OBS and particle wood boards which are covered with carpet or rugs paddings. Carpeted squeaking floors even if protected through covers can still appear damaged because of frequent loud sounds that cause irritation in mobility cases.

Poorly installed sub-floor over the actual floor is also another reason for carpeted squeaking floors that the sub-floor will continue to shift from its ideal place. During renovation and construction, carpet lying is done after the thorough check-up of loosen sub-floor condition.

Approaches to fix carpeted squeaky floors

There is always a strategy of amendment of flooring structural problems that are suggested by interior designers, architects and engineers. One way to fix carpeted squeaky floors is to repair the broken and expanded wooden boards, mostly present in stair cases and hard floors. If the damage of boards is not able to be cured and can affect subsequent walls and floors it is better to get the carpeted floor replaced completely from scratch. Application of powders and baking soda into the dis-located board parts helps to fix carpeted squeaky floors.

Lubrication is another approach to fix carpeted squeaky floors; it will treat the damaged hinges, nail casing, damaged floorboards and creaky floor woods. Even framing of floorboards with accurate measurements and re-installation in construction procedures is also a fixing method. All these floor and wooden interiors are more in financial investment and thus, need to be maintained for long survival.


Carpeted squeaking floors are the condition in which floor base produce sounds when walked over, running activity and even while sitting too. These are unpleasant sounds because of rubbing of floorboards against each other. In order to fix carpeted squeaky floors, repair, replacement, framing, powder application and renovation ideas are implemented.